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How Customers use FileReplicationPro

9/20/2009 10:31 PM
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Here are a few ideas for FRP uses from our customers:

  • FRP backs up data from your laptop to remote storage -- if your laptop is ever stolen, you'll be glad.

  • Aussie IT firm uses FRP to replicate data cross platform to Netware servers from Windows customers for offline disaster recovery solution.

  • European aerospace, defense & high tech recruiters use FRP to manage documents and data among int'l offices.

  • Manufacturer uses FRP to backup critical customer and ad data from web servers.

  • FRP used for Ship to shore file replication essential for merchant, cruise, and research ships

  • S. African software development co uses FRP in Disaster Recovery plan. 300+GB of precious code in multiple backups gives peace of mind

  • Large fluid power repair, service and distribution company uses FRP to replicate design info and inventory data among its 22 branch sites.

  • Popular UK auto website with 1000s of listings and services uses FRP to distribute web content between servers and backup critical data.

  • An ocean shipping company uses FRP to replicate files to ships at sea, including oil prospecting ships needing file transfer for research.

  • Business partner filesharing

  • An architect syncs 4 offices using FRP with the OFM plugin. FRP can replicate drawings even with the latest Autocad, which locks files open.

  • Using FRP for Compound Document Management and Media Asset Management, plus server technology, storage solutions and network security.

  • Major Agricultural lender uses FRP to backup website and test web servers: multiple uses = more for the money.

  • German document management company uses FRP to replicate customer documents, providing media & medical clients with security and flexibility

  • A centralized method for publishing content to multiple servers rapidly and securely.

  • An E-Learning company uses FRP for real time sync of class schedules, course updates and student materials among multiple servers.

  • County gov't uses FRP to replicate server data to a NAS drive creating a live copy of data very easily taken elsewhere in an emergency.

  • A Global Ecology project uses FRP for content management. Content creators can save to a local folder, protecting server from direct access.

  • A virtual PBX/ fax over ip provider for small business uses FRP to replicate its communications on a separate server for real time access.

  • With FRP, you never have to figure out whose job it was to back up the data before the crash.

  • MLS hosting co with millions of real estate pictures and listings found RSYNC couldn't keep up. FRP demonstrated serious speed advantages.

  • UK desktop engineering co finds that when replicating a new boot image of 193mb, FRP only actually replicates 6mb due to FRP efficiencies.

  • Irish insurance co. found branch offices weren't backing up daily. Centralized FRP solution is quick & easy -- data security, no conflict.

  • Free email provider uses FRP to backup millions of files between servers: FRP's efficiency at moving only changed bits saves on bandwidth.

  • Indian IT outsourcing company uses FRP to replicate data from customer NAS to servers in India for use by their staff. You can try us free.

  • High disk queues froze systems for Remote Desktop users. DFSR activity was too high with DFS. FRP is much more efficent with CPU and Memory.

  • Melbourne recruitment company keeps servers in sync with FRP, and replicates files for disaster preparedness: efficient and cost-effective.

  • Aeronautics leader found that FRP does real time replication faster, using less bandwidth. Says competing product was a "resource hog."

  • Oncology ed company uses FRP to replicate contents of NAS to offsite MD, providing secure sharing of employee documents, mail, and records.

  • FRP allows secure collection of medical x-rays and MRI's from remote clinics.

  • FRP helps distribute art for print ads from artists in India and Hong Kong to their client, a USA retailer.

  • Large UK executive search firm also does recruitment and coaching. Frp lets them use the same data in real time at all locations.
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