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New Releases 2015

8/24/2015 11:55 AM
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Version 7.2.0 Released Aug 23rd, 2015

 Bug Fix Release

All platforms

  • Fix bug in dir walk that sometimes fails to replicate files in folders below the root of the job.
  • Introduced  Timestamp based locking to test if a file is ready for replication or in use on the source,  fixes a locked file error  Introduced setting: s2s.file.avail.for.copy.strategy=UpdateTimeStamp   (Default)
  • In some cases files were being corrupted so that the CRC or MD5 was not correct and the file might not be usable.  The condition usually only occurred in high volume systems where the file was being replicated multiple times in succession.
  • Fixed a problem that rarely occurred where files were deleted in the source subfolders on restart of FRP service.
  • Replaced some values in file such as tmp file excludes that should be universal to all jobs IE:  ~$*.xlxs


Version 7.0.0 Released June 1, 2015

Major New Release,  Bug Fix Release

Version 7 of File Replication Pro is a major performance upgrade.  With this release FRP is now 5 times or more faster over the WAN out of the box than any previous version.  It took months of hard work and testing to develop a new proprietary method of expanding the bandwidth usage ability of FRP that allows FRP to exceed previous TCP transfer protocols while preserving all of the safety and security of TCP.  Coming versions of FRP are already in testing, expanding further on this new technology, transfers across the internet will be at least 20 times faster than any version prior to 7.0.0  This major upgrade will require all customers to have a current support and upgrade assurance contract on every licensed machine to upgrade.  Contact Support to check your status or to update your contracts.

Other Improvements

Improved real time event processing.

Full compatibility with OSX Yosemite.

The ability to specify that all scheduled jobs rely on a directory walk and comparison to determine file changes vs. reliance on OS reported events.

Larger event capacity up to 1,000,000 file and folder events in a single occurrence.

 Bugs Fixes

All platforms

  • Counter for files and folders replicated changed to count events from the disk OS rather than filtered events.
  • Counter for files deleted files and folders changed to count events from the disk OS rather than filtered events.
  • Fixed an RPC error during replication that caused job to halt.
  • Fixed a number of unhandled exceptions that could halt a job.
  • Error in closing the connection
  • Connection reset by peer: socket write error
  • Replication protocol error, Client session timed out
  • Error during replication java.lang.NullPointerException
  • Error during replication java.lang.Exception: An error has occurred during file download


  • In FRP versions 6.5.4, 6.5.5, and 6.5.6 there was a bug that sometimes prevented a graceful shutdown of FRP by use of the option.  In these cases the app actually restarted FRP (appearing as if it never stopped to the observer) rather than shutting down the application.  This has been resolved.
  • There is a bug in OSX Yosemite that prevents the GUI installer from running when no physical monitor is attached to the machine.  This is most often observed in remote connection machines or in virtual installations of OSX.   This bug also sometimes occurs in older versions of OSX but not as consistently as in Yosemite.  The bug can be avoided by attaching physical monitor to the machine, even if the monitor is not used for the install.  We have addressed this issue by providing a textual based installer option for OSX.   Hopefully APPLE is going to resolve this issue in future releases of OSX so the GUI installer may be used in all situations.


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