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2016 Releases

11/1/2016 11:37 AM
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Version 7.3.0 Released November 1, 2016


A new routine for breaking huge jobs down into smaller sub-portions was introduced.  Up to 300,000 files were replicated within a single job run during testing.  Files in excess of the number determined by FRP that works best for your environment are replicated in successive jobs that automatically follow within seconds of previous job, looping until completed.  This will permit machines with limited memory and CPU to do larger jobs. 

Notice: This upgrade will require new license keys.  If you are upgrading you must have a current support and upgrade assurance contract on every licensed machine.  Contact Support to check your status or to update your contracts.


Bug Fixes

A bug affecting auto start on reboot with OSX El Capitan Servers has been fixed.

 A few security flaws were identified and fixed.

A number of minor bugs were fixed.



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