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2017 Releases

5/30/2017 10:35 AM
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Version 7.4.0   6/30/2017

Minor Release, Bug Fix,  Installer Updated

  • Fix:  An issue that sometimes caused file deletion when changing job types on the fly has been fixed.  
  • Installer upgraded to version 17.  Supports Windows server 2016.   
  • Java upgraded to version 8
  • Beginning with this version it is no longer necessary to manually run the uninstaller for FRP before an upgrade or reinstall. If the old version is 6.3 or newer you may just run the new installer to upgrade.


Version 7.3.2   1/19/2017

Minor Release, Bug Fix,  Installer Updated

  • File failed to upload (as result of error)

2016-12-29 16:01:34,721, ERROR, [net.diasoft.log.JobLog], "Error Uploading the file :  E:/data/trim.doc"

    at net.diasoft.frp.engine.replication.Replication.upload(

  •     Install builder upgraded to version 16

Version 7.3.1  12/15/2016  

Minor Release, Bug Fix

  • TCP Connection Pool error.

2016-11-25 07:13:59,946, ERROR, [net.diasoft.log.JobLog], "Error Uploading the file :  E:/HR-Employee Documents/employee list.doc"
    at net.diasoft.frp.engine.tcp.client.TCPConnectionPool.borrowConnection(



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