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Include or Exclude Syntax

4/16/2015 2:37 PM
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Replicating individual files or folders is done using regular expression format.  FRP requires an asterisk both before and after the file name.  For example, when entering the file name "rep.txt" in the Include field in the Advanced section of a job setup, the syntax is


For information on how to exclude the temp files created by Microsoft Excel or Word without excluding the actual document, see below.

A rule for file type extensions takes the form of:   *.ext*  see the following three common examples.




The image below shows examples for includes and excludes in the same job.  This is NOT needed in normal use.  An Include or Excluse rule is exclusive.


For example if you create the include rules for *.txt*  *.log* and *.doc*  that is all that will be replicated - there is no need to exclude anything. 


The reverse is true of Exclude rules - if you create an exclude rule for *.txt*  *.log* and *.doc*  then EVERYTHING else in the folder will be replicated except for those items you excluded.  There is no need for an include rule to go with it.

To exclude temp files such as Microsoft .docx files whose names change with every file see below.


If this does not work, please ensure the following settings are as follows within your /FileReplicationpro/ file  as follows:


To use string expressions (as shown in the image above), set s2s.filter.regex=false
To use regular expressions, set s2s.filter.regex=true

To apply the include or exclude string to the path of the job, set s2s.filter.fullpath=true

To filter files and folders, set s2s.filter.filetype=FILTER_ALL
To filter folders only, set s2s.filter.filetype=FILTER_DIR
To filter files only, set s2s.filter.filetype=FILTER_FILE
Filters can be applied to files, folders or both

Microsoft .docx  or other Microsoft product temp files

If the file being edited is   SCRWordfile1.docx

Then the temporary file is:


Use a rule as show below with the exact syntax shown to prevent replication on any temp .docx file.

The rule as shown below is    *~$*.docx*


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