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2011 Releases

3/1/2013 6:22 AM
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FileReplicationPro 2011 Releases
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Release : 6.4.6 Date: Dec. 15, 2011

Operating System Affected : All    

Installation: Major Upgrade Instructions  Here


New Features

 - Performance enhancement: FRP's internal database connections are now cached and are reused from a pool of already established connections. This eliminates the need to endlessly create new connections for SQL activity. This enhances the overall performance of FRP in high volume environments.
 - Auto exclusion of duplicate IPs and/or Hostnames: FRP can now distinguish between the two servers even if they share the same host name and/or local IP address.
 - FRP now provides a low memory warning as a popup message in the GUI when free memory for replication is low.  This is designed to proactively inform the administrator that memory levels are approaching a level that could degrade performance. The default is set to make this announcement when the Java heap size drops below 200mb free memory. The message informs the administrator to consider increasing the Java Heap memory for this process. Instructions for this are in the Wiki.

 - Multiple Users Enhancement - Previous to this version there was only one predefined account in the FRP GUI for the administrator.  This version of FRP adds the ability to create multiple users with three predefined roles.  Administrator, User, and User - View only.  The user role permits users who have been given an account on FRP to view their jobs, run them and stop them, but not modify them in any way.  The View only role permits viewing of job status only, no control or modification is permitted.  The administrator can create, edit or delete as many user accounts as desired.

Note if upgrading your Admin password will remain the same, the user name for the admin account will be "admin"

 - Enhanced Migration Support: Due to the needs of our larger customers (e.g. 20+ servers), we have enhanced the migration tools so FRP can now support migration from any older versions of FRP prior to version 6.3.0 to the latest. Previously when a number of versions were missed, it was not possible to upgrade and preserve the server list and jobs.  We can now offer assistance with this process for those who need it.  Contact support for details and a quote.


 - Email Notification fix: When the 'Alert Frequency' was not set, notifications were not being sent for job status.
 - Handling duplicate Hostnames: Previously, when replication servers had the same hostname, FRP could not add them to the server list. This most often occurred with offsite disaster recovery setups. FRP now distinguishes these servers by suffixing the unique IP address to the hostname in brackets .
 - FRPCLI commands fixes: The FRP command line interface arguments which were not working are fixed now.
 - TimeSkew fix: In certain circumstances under heavy load, the Java engine used by FRP caused the hardware clock of the system to slow down.  This sometimes resulted in error messages that 2-way mirror jobs had to be halted due to a time difference of more than 10 seconds between servers, which is a data protection feature in FRP. We have addressed this Java performance issue in this release. This fix does not address time drift caused by failures in NTP updates or hardware clock malfunctions.

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