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Installation and Configuration

7/10/2012 3:26 PM
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Installation Planning and PreparationsConfiguration and TuningNetworking and Communications
Supported Operating Systems
Quick Start Guide 
ClustersResource Management of CPU & ProcessesBandwidth
NAS -  Network Attached Storage
Tuning FRP for Maximum ThroughputTimeouts
Does FRP work on 64-bit platforms?Memory Allocation  
 Network Configuration 
Moving the Management Server 
Replication of Locked FilesMultiple IPs - Hostnames on Server
Cross PlatformTuning for larger tasks
Large Data Sets  1+ TB Data and or 1+ Million Files or 10+ Jobs
FRPnet Utility 
Used to test your connectivity between servers

Firewalls and RoutersDelta Level Bit Replication
Moving only the changes from within files
TCP Settings 
Change the default console port of 9100Encryption and CompressionUsing a port other than 9200
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